17 February 2017 / Funding

NWO Vici grant awarded to Mike Boxem

02-17-2017: Mike Boxem was awarded an NWO Vici Grant for his proposal "Deciphering the systems that control epithelial cell polarity"....
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3 February 2017 / Funding

ZonMW Top Grants awarded to Anna Akhmanova, Sander van den Heuvel, Casper Hoogenraad, and Corette Wierenga

ZonMw awarded three TOP grants to PIs in the IBB: Cell division arrest and self-renewal potential of differentiated neurons and...
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9 December 2016 / Publication

Growing microtubules control cancer cell invasion

Mesenchymal Cell Invasion Requires Cooperative Regulation of Persistent Microtubule Growth by SLAIN2 and CLASP1. Bouchet BP, Noordstra I, van Amersfoort...
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23 November 2016 / Funding

FOM Program on Neurophotonics

How do electrical signal propagate through brain tissue? To answer this question, groups from the Department of Biology and the...
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18 November 2016 / Event

PolarNet Kickoff Meeting

On November 18 & 19, the Kickoff meeting for the Marie Curie ITN PolarNet was held in Utrecht. PolarNet is...
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16 November 2016 / Funding

NWO building blocks of life grant for Kirsten ten Tusscher and Ronald Pierik

Light in the darkness: the influence of light quality on the development of plant roots Changes in the light spectrum...
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